Endless Corner - Immersive installation


Swedish Embassy and USAID, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.


Immersive Experience


To develop an attractive activation that would promote the newly launched ArtCor hub among the creative industry communities, through social media, as well as entertaining visitors during the event.


The activation should have the potential to go viral and generate organic growth.


The solution was a reinterpretation of a photo booth, a combination of IT and Design that led to a New Media Art. During the day the installation would provide IDLE (basic video) animations, allowing the visitors to express themselves, dance, have a good time and share their memories with their friends through social media. Each hour, at a fixed time, an immersive art performance would be shown to the public.


The main elements were 2 LED screens positioned at 90° and a sound system. The effect was amplified by the floor mirror.


The activation was a success, attracting a large number of visitors who later shared their experience on social networks.


  • Creative Director & Executive Producer:

    Dumitru Gangaliuc
  • PR & Communication:

    Margarita Ursu
  • Technical Director:

    Tony Tampei
  • Project Manager:

    Chris Doni
  • Designer:

    Tatiana Baicev
  • Sound Designer:

    Radu Zara