Wish - Brand experience activation


British American Tobacco, Bontida, Romania.


Brand Experience


To create, for the 20th anniversary of Kent on the Romanian market, an interactive installation that would visualize users' “wishes” at Electric Castle Festival.


Create an interactive installation attractive enough for a high flow of visitors, that would create an impression of a large space in a small demonstration area.


This activation is the result of the combination of IT and graphics that was possible due to the combination of a unique system of IoT solutions, generative animations and a pulse control system.


The input was an Arduino and a sensor that was sending an impulse to the PC. Based on that impulse, the content was generated and projected by 2 projectors, located on the floor. The mirror walls were giving an immersive feeling.


An interactive installation with generative New Media Art content that is responsible to users. It was overflowing with visitors, the installation having to be open 18 hours out of the 8 planned hours per day, during the 4 days of the festival. Electric Castle was visited by more than 200 000 people that year.


  • Creative Director & Executive Producer:

    Dumitru Gangaliuc
  • PR & Communication:

    Margarita Ursu
  • Technical Director:

    Tony Tampei
  • Project Manager:

    Chris Doni
  • Designer:

    Tatiana Baicev, Kairjan